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All heifers and cows calve in the maternity barn located at farm 3 on Riley Road. The calves are then moved to the calf barn located on Hollister rd. They are fed 4 quarts of colostrum and moved into one of the six barns with a total capacity for 664 calves.  After a 10 week stay, at the calf barn.  They are moved to the Meridian Road heifer complex. 

Calves enter one of six transition barns (like the one at right) at weaning and stay until they are 6 months old.

Pictured above are some of our babies in the calf barn.  They each have there own pen bedded with straw.

Seven free stall barns with open lots and bunk feeding house heifers until they are sent to the breeding barns.  They stay in the breeding barn until they are confirmed pregnant, at this time they are moved back to Hollister Rd.

Above is a picture of some of our open lots.  The cattle can get all the sunshine that they want and they are fed a gourmet ration specially designed for them twice a day.  The barn is either bedded with sand or sawdust, both of which are very comfortable to lay on.


  Above are the heifer eating in the breeding barn.  It is in this barn where the heifers are Artificial inseminated. They will stay here until they are confirmed pregnant.
The bull calves are sorted into two groups when they leave the calf barn.  The one of the two groups have high genetic potential and are sent on to the transition barns.  They are raised here on the farm until they come to breeding age.  They are then sold to other dairy farms to be used in their breeding programs  If you are interested in buying one of our bulls please look at the bulls for sale page.  The second group of bull calves for one reason or another do not meet our high breeding standards.  These calves are sent off farm at around 500 lbs. to a stock yard where they will eventually be sent to market as beef.


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