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"Where the Latchstring is always out"

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The Shop Crew is made up of 25 employees which include truck drivers, mechanics, manure haulers, and the feed guys. This part of the farm is headed up by Craig Green.

The corn is planted with two 12 row planters pulled by tractors. (as shown on the right)


We have two Claas choppers that are used to chop the corn and hay. (Pictured below) We also use a Case MX 305 with a Kuhn mower attachment to knock the hay down and three Claas 1550 Twin Pro Rakes to get the hay ready to be chopped for haylage.  Nine trucks are used to haul the crops from the field to the farm during harvest season. They include 2 semis, 3 tri-axels, and 4 tandem axel trucks.  In order to keep the choppers going we occasionally have to hire up to 4 more semi trucks.  During this time at the bunker you may find anywhere from 1 to 3 push tractors going along with the John Deere 9400 tractor that is used for packing.

We have around 3,200 acres of alfalfa, 2,700 acres of corn most of which is chopped for silage. A small percentage is shelled, ground and bagged as high moisture corn. We also have 400 acres of sugar beets and 50 acres of wheat. The sugar beets are grown for the Michigan Sugar Company.

Fields are soil tested every year in order to identify nutrient needs.  Manure is spread accordingly.  This virtually eliminates the need for commercial fertilizers.

Every load of corn or hay that leaves the field is run over a scale at the feed complex.  This helps us keep track of quantities of feed produced for the year.  The scale lets us input field numbers and moisture percentage.  This information is used to  keep track of the yield per field.

The feed complex consists of 7 bunker silos (shown in the two pictures above and the bottom left picture) with total floor space of over 180,000 square feet.  Our largest bunker is 200 x 300 feet and has the capacity to hold over 50,000 tons.  We also  have a commodity barn with 7 bays.  It is one of the largest feed storage facility of it's kind in the Midwest!

The feed trucks have pen tablet computers that keep track of actual usage of each ration ingredient.  We have just installed an update to our EZ Feed system that allows real time downloads between the feed trucks and the main feed computer in the office.




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